Saturday, 22 January 2011

Brrr - que frio!

It is very cold in Madrid! Yesterday was check up with my rheumatologist and in evening I was out with friends in Madrid. We went to a indian restaurant (the only food I REALLY enjoy fully) and then to cinema to see 'Hereafter' that turned out to be a really good one. Prince and princess of Spain (Felipe and Leticia) has also chosen to see this movie, a majestic couple of sparkling class and they seem to be sympathetic people too.
Today riding - defrosting hands under the saddle - riding - stopping - defrost - start again - and so it went on, not my climate, definitely not but I still don't complain as I only have to think about swedish winter that is a thrillion times worse. I was sent a video from a horse we sold to Singapore and you see the swaying palmtrees and hear the tropical birds in the backround - one lucky horse ...
Have you seen all the new horses on Horsespre?
Tomorrow we have visitors from Ecuador, they are breeders and are coming to see a PRE studstallion for their studfarm.
Here our pride Donoso VII in a new painting by Frédérique Lavergne available for sale on
Donoso VII 

And a poster from my massage lady, Mer Maroto Mingo - she is the best and I can really recommend her treatments! Ver Mercedes Maroto Mingo on facebook:!/profile.php?id=835722210

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

We present: Delegado Mac

Sire of our stud stallion Halagador Cen is Delegado Mac.
Delegado is a unique PRE stud stallion. Remarkably he was born black (without any white markings) out of grey parents and ancestors. Delegado Mac is bred by Miguel Àngel de Cárdenas and is owned by Yeguada Centurion.

See bloodline here:

This stallion has now over 350 offsping and 40 of them are competing in different parts of the world. We have been impressed by many of them and have seen the line develop in combination with other lines: Yeguada Militar, Escalera, Bohorquez etc. All Delegado offring have a special expression and class. They have good movements, light and elastic with alot of expression. Good racetype and correct conformation. Generally Delegado's are elegant with a wonderful neck and a beautiful head. What also makes this stallion a contrasted stud is not only his abount of offspring but most importantly his ability to bring down his genetics strongly. This is essential for the work of the breeder and for the guarantee of quality in the offspring.
Delegado Mac

Offspring Halagador Cen, his page here
Photos:  Javier Villard All rights reserved

Monday, 10 January 2011

We present; Donita VIK

Donita VIK 8 months
See her page here:

Daddy - Donoso VII

And look (below) who is in January number of Ecuestre in a extensive article about breeding the horse for its capacity to produce physical power: 'Ecuestrian education' - Evaluations from the Forum of pinions of The Spanish Horse'. An article directed to the breeder and the rider.
The Forum says; 'Breeder only work with probabilities, as breeding is no exact science. There is no doubt breeding is under the influence of material needs, economy and psycology of these times and does not even manage to avoid fashion'. The main themes of the PRE breeding could be divided into:
- Selection
- Reproduction
- Training
- Dressage
1. Photo; Donita VIK's mum Intimidad Cen. Textnote; 'There is no doubt that the breeder is important in this century'

2. Photo Donita VIK. Textnote; 'The horse is an animal that has been bred for it's capacity to produce power'.

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Info om avelshingstar uppdaterad!

Nu finns ny info om hingstarna tillgängliga på deras sidor!
Halagador Cen

Festivo MR

Donoso VII

Another Donoso VII offspring!

We present Donoso's son – Knut of Asige! This handsome boy is born June 2010 and is a very sucessful combination of a PRE cross with Swedish Sport Pony. His human 'mum' Ann-Charlotte loved him from the first moment she saw him - 'he came out looking like a kingly statue from day 1', she told us with great pride. Just like the other Donoso-daughters he is a copy of his father. He was named him after the king Knut af Asige that lived in a castle just behind their farm during the medieval times. Ann-Charlotte is a swedish sport horse breeder and Knut will be her future personal dressage horse, we look forward to follow them both!

Knut af Asige - PRE/Swedish Sport Pony
u. Power Girl
e. Donoso VII
ue. Power Boy
Born June 2010
Dark Bay stallion
(Sorry about the photo-quality, I am definitely not living up to Javier's standards..)

Daddy-Donoso VII and me competing Msv level in Sweden 2009